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Katie Bowman, Sherpa-in-Chief

Katie is a multi-discipline design and construction project manager, specializing in guiding businesses through the process of office relocation. She has over 20 years of experience in problem solving at all phases of design and construction. Her clients include businesses large and small, spaces boutique and utilitarian, and projects complex and simple.
Shaping space has been a life-long pursuit, starting with rearranging her bedroom at least three times a year to see if she could make it work just a little better or a little different. In between furniture moves, she was re-organizing shelves, drawers and closets to eke out the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of books, Barbies, clothing and stuffed animals. Finally, she discovered that this could actually be a career path to help others master their space and attended Auburn University’s College of Architecture Design and Construction. There, she discovered how to function on two hours of sleep, what the hell a “Le Corbusier” was, and exactly how well professors can handle their liquor.
After graduation, Katie took a big leap and moved to Chicago, with no job lined up nor having even visited the place-because you do that when you’re 20-something and invincible. Yes, the weather is horrible but it is Mecca to many a student of architecture. It was a gamble that paid off with positions at top design firms like RTKL, VOA, and HOK and amazing clients like ABN-AMRO, Julien J. Studley, Motorola, and Hyatt. After 11 winters in The Windy City, the mild weather and innovative spirit of San Francisco was calling.

San Francisco brought year-round 65 degree temps, sun, fog, and an innovative spirit.  Katie’s marquee project was the New Doha International airport, where she was an interiors job captain leading a team of 20 designers and architects working on the main terminal and two concourses.  Following this once in a lifetime project, even more opportunities for problem-solving came her way with exceptional office spaces for clients such as Allied Administrators, Google, Wipro, and the Irvine Company.

When not re-organizing her son’s toys, Katie enjoys being outside, wine tasting, movies and knitting.